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Changing just a small part of your room? Or just one room in your whole house? We try our best to make sure that our products and services don’t clash with the aesthetics of your existing space. Unless you want us to!

A new chair? A revamped living room? A brand-new apartment? From design to furnishing, we’ve got you covered!

Residential Interior

master bedroom

Besides being a very personal space, this is also where your day begins and ends; hence the importance of the bedroom cannot be overstated! The centrepiece of the bedroom is obviously the bed! But accompanying it are usually a bedside table, a dresser and a wardrobe. This is what a standard bedroom should look like.

Nowadays, that has changed. Due to reasons of space or flexibility, a lot more can be done with a bedroom space. Do you like to read in bed? A bookshelf would be nice! Or do you like to enjoy watching movies in bed? A wall-mounted television can save space and entertain you at the same time!

Also, what kind of bedroom do you want? A luxurious, carpeted space with a four-poster bed, marble-topped tables and dual layer curtains over the windows? Or do you want a more functional space with a sofa that converts into a bed, a work table for your computer and simple window blinds?

We can’t forget about the little ones! Designs of children’s bedrooms are usually worlds different than any others. Fun wallpapers, colourful furniture, cute bedspreads and dedicated play areas are the main highlights of such a space. Decide and let us know!

living room

A space for relaxing, away from the bedroom. A space to sit down and talk. A space to work. To read an enjoyable book. To unwind with a good movie or TV series. To game on your console or PC. A space with so many possibilities! The usual members of this room include sofas/armchairs/recliners, bookshelves, a work/study table, a home video setup and a coffee table.

What can you do with such a classic space? Do you want it purely for work? Shift the entertainment system to its own room! Or do you want a space for social gatherings? If the gatherings are sombre or sophisticated, some extra sofas or armchairs, tables and a music system playing soft classical music should be just right. But if the gatherings are fun and casual, do away with sofas and add in some bean bags!

Do you want a modern look with glass table tops and magnetic drawers and cabinets? Or do you prefer a more vintage look with wooden tables and chairs? Do you prefer vinyl records over audio CDs? A cosy space for a record player is a must! Or do you just love your Hi-Fi speakers connected to your multi-stage audio setup? Sofas or bean bags? Quite a lot of choices there! We would love to hear yours!

dining room

Unless you like eating in front of the TV or in your bed, this where you’ll be doing most of your eating! This space usually consists of a dining table, chairs and maybe a storage unit to store glassware and cutlery.

The dining room has changed in design over the years. At one time, it was a large space with ornate furniture, usually located away from the kitchen space. Nowadays, the dining room is usually always adjacent to the kitchen space. Sometimes, the kitchen and dining space are one and the same, while other times, there is a small partition between them. And finally, there are dining rooms that are wholly separate from the kitchen.

So, what can you do with this space? Do you like to have a comfortable eating experience? A good table and chairs are a must! Do you like eating out of beautiful china? A proper storage space for your plates and tumblers are mandatory! Kitchen space too small? You can place your oven, refrigerator and coffee/tea making setup in the dining room instead! Do tell us your ideas; we are listening!


A bed makes sleep comfortable, but you could also nap on the sofa. A dining table makes eating meals a pleasant experience, but you could just as well eat in the living room. But what about personal hygiene? Although the kitchen has a sink to wash the dishes in, you wouldn’t normally take a bath there, would you? All these points make the bathroom the most important room in a house, bar none!

A regular bathroom usually consists of a wash basin, a small mirror above it, a shower space, a flushing toilet and a towel rack, at a bare minimum. Additionally, a laundry basket, and a storage unit for bath towels, hand towels and bathmats may be present. Depending on the locality served, the flushing toilet may be accompanied by either a hand bidet, a faucet or a toilet roll holder.

Being an intimately personal space, the bathroom can be designed in diverse ways. A very functional bathroom may have a dedicated shower cubicle, while a very luxurious bathroom may include a bathtub as well as a shower cubicle. If the bathroom space is large enough, a washing machine unit can also be placed here. What are your needs and wants? Let us know!


A very important space in any household, considering that good, home-cooked food is as necessary to well-being as good sleep! A cooktop, a kitchen counter, a storage unit, a refrigerator and sink are staples of any kitchen.

Once again, the reasons of space or flexibility can create unique situations in modern kitchens. Kitchen space too small? Put the refrigerator in the dining room! Conversely, kitchen space too large? Add an oven for baking, a microwave for heating and a coffee/tea making setup for those early mornings and late evenings! Don’t like a closed kitchen? Break the wall and make it open!

Would you like a fully modular kitchen setup? Magic corners, spice racks, loft cabinets, et al! It’s all the rage nowadays, with the design making sense for both large and small kitchen areas. Or do you prefer the kitchen layouts of old? Do you like making your own ginger, garlic or onion pastes? Some extra power mains for those food processors might help! And on the topic of cooktops: gas or convection? There are just so many choices! Let us know yours!

Miscellaneous Information

  • check Design and construction of furniture, whether it be standardised or customised.
  • check Add-on rooms such as pantries or walk-in wardrobes to complement a kitchen or a bedroom.
  • check Special rooms such as dedicated home entertainment system rooms, play rooms for children, game rooms and home gyms.
  • check Electrical wiring, plumbing, lighting, ceiling fans and installation of air-conditioning units.
  • check Lighting also includes specialised lighting solutions, including lights with dimmer controls and power-saving LED setups.
  • check RGB lighting options also available for lighting enthusiasts who can’t have enough colours in their life! All lights are covered by lifetime warranty and come with Amazon Echo systems for seamless integration with Alexa. Soft ambient lighting, mood-appropriate lighting, motion tracked lighting, we have it all!

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