Whether you just bought a new apartment or want to renovate an existing home, scroll down for some ideas!

Medium-Sized Bedroom (Olive Green Tone)

An example of a bedroom design involving olive green, pistachio green and white colours. In the centre is a fully furnished, queen-sized, modern-style bed. On either side are bedside tables with table lamps on them. Behind the bed, the slightly raised wall incorporates a trio of sun motifs on a patterned wallpaper, while the recessed sections have a sober, textured paint. A series of LEDs below the sun motifs provide a gentle wash light.
On the left, we see a large window with drapes. The walls to the left are painted with white, textured paint, while the floors are done up in marble.

Contemporary Master Bedroom

Study section within master bedroom consisting of a cosy, corner table with drawer, cushioned chair in front of it, a dedicated wall-mounted lamp, a two-tiered bookshelf above the table, a pair of storage cabinets on the side wall, a two-drawer storage unit on the floor to the right and a window above it, with drapes.
Besides those, a door on the left leads out into the rest of the house, a queen-sized, fully furnished bed, a pair of wall-mounted lamps with shades, a pair of bedside tables, patterned wallpaper behind the bed with wood-trimmed edges, a different patterned wallpaper in front and to the side of the study table and ambient lighting solution on the ceiling.

Living Room with Attached Mini-Bar

Sometimes, you just need a living space that stands out from the rest. In this example, we can see a stylish living space to the right, an attached minibar to the left with a modern, hanging bubble chair taking up centre stage.
The living room space is dominated by a contemporary styled sofa, with glass-topped coffee tables in front of it. Beside the sofa is a tall, glass display cabinet with wooden trim and framing. The bubble chair has its own lighting above it.
Beside the minibar, there is a slender, multi-level shelving unit for books and showpieces. The minibar itself is illuminated by a wooden panel above it, while its support beam doubles as a glass and bottle holder. In front of the bar counter are a pair of cushioned barstools.
Besides white walls, there are two other wall designs. The walls enclosing the minibar have a three-toned, abstract wallpaper, while the walls around the bubble chair have a cube-patterned wallpaper. The ceiling above the minibar has an extended panel with ambient LED lighting, while the floors are all uniformly marble tiled.

Modular Kitchen with Centre Island

In this example of a modular kitchen design, we see a hexagonal, mosaic strip traveling horizontally across the wall, flanked by white wall sections above and below it. There is an L-shaped kitchen counter with a sink and faucet at one end and a cooking stove at the other end. There is a chimney right above the stove. The counter itself has miscellaneous storage units built into it. Above the longer section of the counter, there are a series of storage units. Below one such unit is a wine or champagne glass holder, while an LED strip at the back provides a gentle wash light.
In front of the L-shaped counter is an island table, which doubles up here as a dining table. The table is laden with necessary cutlery and crockery, with a pair of steel-framed chairs in front of it.

Attached Eight-Seater Dining Space

This is an example of a dining room design. Dominating the middle of the area is a dining table furnished from wood and with metal trims. The table top is resting on a single, slab-sided pillar of wood. The table is laden with crockery and cutlery, and is capable of seating eight individuals, as denoted by the number of cushioned chairs, which are also made of wood. Just above the table is a ceiling-mounted, hanging lighting fixture to illuminate the table and surrounding area.
Behind the table is a large window with drapes drawn partially over it. To the left is a potted plant within a marble vase. To the right is a large storage unit with multiple drawers and cabinets. On top of the unit are a pair of vases with flowers within them, and above the vases, are a pair of wall-mounted lamps with shades. Between the lamps, a framed painting can be seen. Above, we can see light fixtures along a recessed section of the ceiling, which aid in providing ambient illumination. The walls are coated with texture, off-white paint.