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From Rendering to Reality.

Interiors, websites, graphics, mobile apps.
In a Nutshell, we design them all.

Move forward with Nutshell Designing

Get what you need

Now that you've got your hands on some physical or virtual real estate, you will most certainly need some design work done to it! Whether you need an office space, residential space or a website done up, we've got you covered!

Get what you want

Your residential/office space is set, your website is up and running and life is smooth! What next? A modular kitchen for your home? An efficient LED lighting setup for the office? A mobile app to complement the website? We've got those bases covered as well!

Negotiate pricing

The title is self explanatory, we think! We do entertain price negotiation to a point, until we feel that material or work quality could be affected by it.

Get 24/7 customer care

We value our customers and like to maintain good relations with them always. Queries? Suggestions? Complaints? You can reach us through any of our channels!

Get delivery on time

Since all our work is customised for you, the client, we always request a fair time period to design and execute. But you can rest assured that you will receive the end product at the promised time.

how we work?

meeting clients

Often, the best way to interact is face to face, regardless of context. And that is how we too prefer to interact with our clients. A cup of tea or coffee is optional! Here, the clients can openly discuss their requirements with us. If it be required, our creative team members present may also present their suggestions.

inception of ideas & client confirmation

After the clients’ requirements are laid bare and the work detail is duly noted, the former needs to give the green signal for work to begin. This is done by signing of a contract presented by our creative team members. Here, the deadlines are provided, along with work payment details. A portion of the total cost of the project needs to be paid in advance.

development & execution

After the terms of the contract are agreed upon, the work proceeds as per schedule. The creative team will remain in contact with the clients, providing them with updates and suggestions as the work progresses.


After completion of the project, the final product is shown to the clients. After approval, the remaining payments are made and the product is handed over to them. At this point, the business is concluded.