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Nuthsell Designing provide you a better design to fullfill your needs. Feel comfortable with us.

A drop in the ocean

For pretty much every service that is provided worldwide, there are numerous vendors. Standing out from among them is one of the keys to success.

Booths? Stalls? Booths within stalls?

In any expo scenario, the biggest stalls stand out by sheer dint of their size and scale, but smaller stalls and booths can also stand out just by being creative in their design and execution.

A complete audio/visual package

You most certainly want to be seen, but you also need to be heard. Onscreen demos and detailed explanations by technicians and engineers are a big boon here.

Want to be seen? Want to be heard? Let us turn your expo stall design into reality and fulfil both those wishes! Don’t have a design? We can help you make one!


Expo stall & booth design

Although social media has made reaching out to the common public easier than ever before, nothing can beat the tactile experience of witnessing products and services (offered by a company) first-hand. This is where trade fairs/expos come in to play. They are essentially a fair where companies set up their own dedicated zones to showcase their products and services.

The factors to consider in this scenario are the size of your company, the breadth of your product/service offerings and the amount of space you can acquire at the fair. This can directly impact what kind of presence you want to have there. Would you like a large stall to showcase all your brand new and upcoming products and services? Or would a smaller stall or booth to just show off a select few products be more appropriate? You decide!

An expo can be held for trade purposes between companies or be open to the public; sometimes, it can be for both. But, in both scenarios, making a good impression and having a good presence is key. So, what kind of presence would you like to have at any trade fair? Let’s share ideas and make it work!

Miscellaneous Information

  • check A variety of materiel options for stall and booth construction.
  • check Showcases for products.
  • check Tables and counters for product demos.
  • check Audio/Visual setups using monitors, projectors supported by sound systems.
  • check Lighting: ambient and specialised (the latter for highlighting products).

Glimpse of some of our work