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Nuthsell Designing provide you a better design to fullfill your needs. Feel comfortable with us.

Variety is the spice of life

New office? New eatery? New hotel? New fitness centre? New spa? New retail outlet? Think it’s too much for us? Don’t worry, we love variety!

Backed by Nutshell

We never stop working until the final product passes our own, stringent quality control, whether it be an entire retail space or a shower room at a gym. We at Nutshell never compromise on quality!

Standardised VS Customised

Classy and simple furniture? Or funky and cool furniture? Regular strip-lighting? Or power efficient LEDs? Tiled? Or carpeted? Whatever you need or want, we have it!

Old boring office? You can ask us to revamp it! Brand new office space? Let us design and furnish it for you!

Commercial Interior

retail store

Although e-commerce is a big part of our internet-dominated lives, brick and mortar retail stores still have a special place in these modern times. Nothing can really beat the feeling of seeing and physically holding a product in our hands before making a purchase. A well-informed, properly trained salesman/saleswoman with good knowledge of the products also helps the sales figures go up!

A retail store can be anything from a small space operated by just one or two people all the way to multi-thousand square foot departmental stores serviced by a hundred or more people. Some of the key aspects of any retail store are product placement and product visibility. For product placement, specialised showcases, shelves and racks are implemented, while product visibility is aided by proper lighting solutions.

There are many ways to approach the designing of a retail store space. Factors such as type of products on sale and volume of products on sale also affect the design. Luxury watches, perfumes, pens and clothes may demand an equally luxurious store space with wooden panels, glass cases and spotlights for individual products. A departmental store selling everything from food, clothing and utensils all the way to furniture, stationery and electronics might eschew overall aesthetics in favour of large racks and shelves to display their myriad products. Let us know what you need!

corporate office

Usually, the first thing that pops into our collective heads when we think about office spaces is rows upon rows of cubicles, furnished with chairs, tables and computers, and a few large rooms, such as the managers’ offices, conference halls, et al. That is what the stereotypical office looks like: functional, but not necessarily fun and exciting.

And then you have companies like Google, Adobe Systems, Twitter and Autodesk that utterly and completely dispel the image of the stereotypical work space! If you haven’t seen what their offices look like, please do so! The design aesthetics of a work space can govern work performance to a great degree.

There are many design options when considering office spaces. Bright lighting and contrasting colours are just a couple of options. Providing employees with proper eating spaces, like a canteen or a cafeteria, and recreational facilities, like an indoor sports room or a gym, can improve their moods and, thus, their work performance. What kind of office layout are you planning? Mind telling us?

hospitality & recreation

Home cooking is a great and economic way of getting some healthy eats going, there’s no doubtabout that! But we all like going out to eat occasionally, don’t we? Whether it be a full meal or just a light snack paired with some hot or cold coffee, options galore await us! Restaurants and cafeteriasare everywhere, each catering to a wide variety of age groups. Classic wooden chairs and tables with soft music playing in the background? Or funky furniture with the latest pop singles to help pep up the mood? Take your pick!

After a long and, usually, harrowing work week, some of us like to sit down with friends and grab a drink. And if home isn’t an appropriate place to do so, there are plenty of bars and pubs to go to! Some folks like to sink into a couch and enjoy long conversations, while others prefer the good old barstools and some sporting action on the TV. Well lit, or do the dark corners add to the mood? Wooden barstools or all-metal ones? Plush sofas or beanbags? Go crazy!

Need some activity in your life? Long hours stuck in front of a desk can do plenty of harm to your system, no matter how good the pay is! Hitting a gym is a good idea. Or are you in a sporty mood? In that case, a sporting club or country club membership can go a long way, whether you like cricket, football, tennis, golf or swimming. And although these activities dominate the space, what’s behind the scenes are equally as important; changing rooms with personal lockers, shower rooms and toilets are necessities here!

Need a haircut? Tired of shampooing at home? Salons are there for you! Brightly lit spaces, comfortable, adjustable chairs and large mirrors are staples of such spaces. Or would you simply like to get a steam bath or enjoy the relaxing benefits of aromatherapy? Spas have got your back! Soft lighting, wooden furniture, gleaming white bathtubs, marble-topped tables and the sweet smell of incense wafting through the air are all common presences in these spaces.

Hotels are where these two aspects of commercial interiors go hand in hand, more often than not. When going abroad, staying at a hotel is usually a requirement. And at a hotel, we always want our rooms to be cosy and neat, with a comfortable bed, movement space and a clean toilet. Free Wi-Fi, chairs, tables, TVs and a minibar are all bonuses! But most hotels don’t stop at that; they usually have their own restaurant and/or a cafeteria, not only for hotel guests, but also for outsiders coming in to relax. And hotels in the upper echelons also include plenty of other amenities like gyms, spas, lounges, swimming pools, bars, pubs and salons.

So, got any ideas for these spaces that we can help bring into reality? Please do drop us a line!

Miscellaneous Information

  • check Design and construction of furniture, whether standardised or customised; a variety of material options are also provided.
  • check Plumbing, centralised gas-lines, chimneys and lighting for kitchens present in restaurants, office canteens, pubs, bars and cafeterias, in addition to all necessary kitchen-related furniture.
  • check Plumbing and lighting for toilets and shower rooms, salons and spas along with their necessary fixtures.
  • check Lighting and sound system setup for retails spaces, restaurants, cafeterias, bars, pubs, lounges and hotel lobbies.
  • check Add-on rooms to enhance the efficiency of certain spaces. Store rooms and trial rooms for retail spaces, pantries for kitchens, laundromats in sporting clubs, country clubs, hotels, eateries, spas and salons, gyms in corporate office spaces, etc.
  • check Electrical wiring and installation of air-conditioning units.
  • check Specialised lighting options.

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