If you’re in the market for clean and efficient workspaces or luxurious executive cabins, we’ve got you covered!

Corporate Cabin (Standard)

A standard office cubicle is no place for an individual of managerial rank! Dominating the middle is a large, flat-topped, wooden worktable, with metal beams for support. A highbacked swivel chair is present behind the table, while standard midback swivel chairs are present in front of the table for visitors to the room.
To the left, we see a table of modern design, meant for files, folders, printers, etc. Beneath the table is a sliding drawer unit. Above the table, we can see a wooden, wall-mounted storage cabinet, with downward facing lights. Behind the highbacked chair is a potted plant. The floor is tiled, while patterned wallpaper is applied on the wall surfaces.

Corporate Cabin for Directors/Managers

The boss deserves some comfort and plenty of utility from her/his room. So, here is something tailormade for managers/directors. Down the middle, an intricately carved, wooden worktable, with a swivel chair behind it and a pair of swivel chairs in front of it for visitors to the room. Behind the table is a large window with roller blinds. For easy access to files, folders and documents, there is a floor-based storage unit with a wall-mounted storage cabinet just above it. The wall-mounted cabinet has downward facing lights.
There is wood panelling on the wall, in the form of a vertical strip with alternating colours, where the worktable touches it; there is wooden, white shelf on the strip for showpieces, photographs, awards, etc. The floor is tiled, while the walls are coated with textured paint. The ceiling has wood panelling with appropriate LED lighting solutions integrated. To the left, we see a door with a switchbox beside it for the lights.

Office Workspace for Employees

A clean and open employee workspace that promotes cooperation and visibility. In the middle, from left to right, are a trio of identical worktables, with decorative plants between them. The worktables have a simple yet functional design, with several flat surfaces below the table top for utility purposes, while a storage cabinet to the right of each table allows for storage of more important items.
Each worktable is accompanied by a swivelling, mid-back chair, while the chairs and storage units all have wheeled bases allowing for easy movement. The floor is tiled while the walls are coated with textured paint.

Fast Food Stall

This fast food stall layout is a widely accepted standard from a space-saving and efficiency standpoint. To the left, we see the employee gate, with a continuous work counter to the rear of the stall. The front of the stall is dominated by the ordering and billing counter to the left, with a glass display case showing off the various food items on offer.
Above the stall, a pair of wooden support beams are responsible for holding up the designer roof structure from the rear, while a pair of metal support beams does the same from the front. Between the wooden support beams to the rear, we can see the food menu on a large display screen. The counter has its own lighting setup, while the company branding (Hungry Fat Belly, in this case) is visible on the front and sides, as well as along the edge of the roof. To the right, we see a casual seating area comprising low stools and tables.