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who are we

Nutshell Designing has its origins as an advertising company started by Aloke Nandan. Nutsail Advertising, as it was known, began as a company providing interior design, decoration and furnishing services, based in the Bhawanipur area of Kolkata. Besides dealing with interiors, the company also undertook projects relating to expo stall design and construction.

Nutshell Designing is a modernised branch of Nutsail Advertising, carrying with it all the lessons learnt and all the experience gathered over many years. For one, we now have an online presence in the form of a full-fledged website, where visitors and prospective clients can peruse through galleries of images detailing past projects, as well as demo concepts.

Our roots have always been in interior design and furnishing, but we have since branched out into other forays such as website design and maintenance, S.E.O., mobile app design and graphic design. Although we have a small team, each member specialises in various tasks that cover the gamut of services we provide.

Our “comfort zone” is wherever work takes us, be it out of the city, state or even country! If you have any queries, any complaints or any suggestions, about how we can improve our services, you can contact us through the Contact Us section of our website. And, if you have availed our services and are satisfied, leaving a review can also help us greatly. All of this can help us improve our services every step of the way.

Finally, we hope you enjoy your visit here! We do our absolute best to make sure that your stay with us is pleasant! Be it websites, interiors, expo stalls or mobile apps, we take “Designing” very seriously, since the word is basically half the name of our company!

native name

nutshell designing








aloke nandan


ruma nandan

head office

bhowanipore, chakraberia south, kolkata

area served


key people

debasish nandan(designing head)

moumita saha(designing head)


interior designing & furnishing

web design & development

UI/UX design

graphic design


nutsail advertising

our object

To provide the most personal experience, both online and off, through tailormade designs, supervised execution, quality materials we stand behind, a high level of finish and impeccable service.

  • Trust

    Although scarce, trust is a powerful commodity which flows both ways. We trust you to give us permission to make your dream website, work space or living space a reality. In return, you can trust us to design and execute it according to your vision. Trust also plays a binding role within the company. As a small team, we trust each other to perform all delegated duties to the best of our abilities. We trust our designers to make inspiring designs, while also trusting our coders and programmers to put up a great website. We trust our suppliers to provide us top-grade materials. And, finally, we trust our artisans to craft the best products they can.

  • Quality

    We only use the best quality options during project execution, whether it be materials for exterior or interior work, or website-related services for website work. Good quality, with a bit of care, can last decades. In the same vein, we also request our clients not to skimp on quality wherever possible. Poor or mediocre materials may not affect the appearance of a final product but can and will affect its long-term durability. Similarly, choosing the cheaper domain provider or hosting service may lead to website troubles further down the line.

  • Personal

    We aspire to give you exactly what you want or need. We don’t recycle old and used designs, unless you specifically ask for it! We strive for uniqueness in all our fields. Every single person is unique in their own way. So, it is only fitting that their needs and wants are unique as well. We want to make sure that every single design we make is tailormade for our clients. All our clients are special to us, and with this personal touch, we want to make them feel special as well.

  • Cooperation

    In this company, we work as a team in all respects, no matter how different our fields are. We have varied skills and have learnt to complement each other well. Similarly, we also appreciate cooperation from our clients. Having a clear channel of communication between the company and the clients helps us achieve clarity of purpose.

  • Gratitude

    We are grateful to all our clients without bias. Grateful to you for allowing us to fulfil your vision, whether it be a home interior, ecommerce website or company logo. Grateful to you for telling us what you want or need. Grateful to you for trusting us with your work. Within the company, we are grateful to each other as well. Grateful for possessing the varied set of skills and abilities that have brought us together in this field. Grateful for allowing our love for this work to help us form a cohesive, positive and complementary bond that allow us to function so well.

  • Passion

    We work with passion because this is what we love doing! When you do what you love to do for a living, it stops being work. And when it stops being work, it becomes fun! We love to study designs made by people from all over the world and try to figure out how we can do things differently. In this modern, fast-paced world, inspiration is all around us, and our passion allows us to tap into it.